We are working to prevent disease and promote healthy behaviors.

According to Healthy People 2030, regular physical activity can improve the health and quality of life for people of all ages, even ones with chronic disease or disability.

The focus of the Obici Healthcare Foundation’s Healthy Behaviors Initiative is to increase access to nutritional foods and physical activity and to improve health outcomes related to chronic diseases.

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Healthy Spaces Grants (HS Grants)

Healthy behaviors such as physical activity and healthy eating can prevent chronic diseases, control weight, improve mood, boost energy, and improve longevity and wellbeing. Access to community assets such as playgrounds, walking trails, community gardens and farmers’ markets make it easier for people to make healthier choices that have the potential to improve their health.

Examples of fundable projects include, but are not limited to, the development and/or improvement of walking trails, playgrounds and parks; and farmers markets, community gardens, healthy corner stores and mobile markets.

While educational programs, classes and promotional campaigns can be helpful in building awareness, demands for and commitment to healthy behaviors, the purpose of this grant funding is to support “shovel-ready” projects within the Foundation’s service area that create or improve community infrastructure for physical activity and healthy eating.

Proposal Application Process & Important Dates

All applicants are required to submit a proposal application using the Foundation’s online system.


The Cycle 1 deadline for Healthy Spaces Grants has passed. Future grant cycles are contingent on availability of funds. Please contact the Foundation at (757) 539-8810 to for further inquiry about additional grant cycles.

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New applicants with an active Organization Account needing further assistance must contact the Foundation. Email gro.fchicibo@swerCL or call the Foundation at (757) 539-8810.