Our Story

Promoting health initiatives since 2006.

The Obici Healthcare Foundation is a private, independent entity unrelated to any other health organization. Established in 2006 when the former Louise Obici Memorial Hospital was sold to Sentara Healthcare and coupled with assets of Mr. Obici’s first foundation, the assets of the Obici Healthcare Foundation are over $140 million.

The Foundation is governed by an independent board composed of citizens living in Suffolk and in surrounding communities in the previous service area of the Louise Obici Memorial Hospital.

It is the Foundation’s goal to continue on the philanthropic journey started by Amedeo Obici when he built a hospital to honor his wife’s memory and to serve the healthcare needs of the surrounding community.

The Foundation’s mission today reflects this same desire as we strive to address the unmet needs of the medically indigent and uninsured and to support programs which prevent illness and disease.

Our Mission

The mission of the Obici Healthcare Foundation is to improve the health status of the people living in the service area by responding to the medical needs of the indigent and uninsured and by supporting programs which have the primary purpose of preventing illness and disease.

This is in keeping with Amedeo Obici’s concern for local citizens, which was best illustrated by his decision to build a hospital as a lasting memorial to his wife, Louise, after her death in 1938.

Our Vision

The vision of the Obici Healthcare Foundation is good health and wellness for all.

Service Area

Obici Healthcare Foundation’s Service Area reflects portions of the previous service footprint of Louise Obici Memorial Hospital.

Currently, the Foundation serves the following localities in Virginia:

  • City of Franklin
  • City of Suffolk
  • Isle of Wight County
  • Southampton County
  • Surry County
  • Sussex County

The Foundation also supports the following locality in North Carolina:

  • Gates County

Our Values

The Obici Healthcare Foundation adheres to the highest standards by embracing the following set of values.


We will act with compassion, sensitivity and creativity to make a significant improvement in the health status of our community.


We will act with honesty and fairness, give our best efforts and take responsibility for our actions.

Community Involvement

We will act as a team with the community to promote good health and good healthcare for all.

Financial Stewardship

We will act responsibly to make the Foundation strong and support healthcare programs that are effective.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We Commit to Advancing Racial Equity

The mission of the Obici Healthcare Foundation is based on a history of serving the healthcare needs of the community. Recognizing that systemic racism is a root cause of racial disparities in illness, disease, and indigence, the Foundation acknowledges that we cannot achieve our mission without an intentional focus on advancing racial equity. So, firmly aligned with our mission and history, the Foundation commits to learning, listening, examining, and evolving so that racial equity continues to be centered in our internal operations and our external service. We believe that this commitment will contribute greatly to the success of our mission and the health of our region and its people.

We are committed to and have prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion in our new strategic grant programs as well as the COVID-19 Response Fund and in all our grantmaking. We look forward to sharing more about our journey as we progress, and to hearing your feedback as we build a healthier community together.