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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, adults with higher educational attainment live healthier and longer lives compared to their less educated peers. What if every young child in Virginia had the educational foundation needed for success in school and life?

Obici Healthcare Foundation is investing in the Early Childhood Education Initiative and partnering with the University of Virginia to reach that goal for every child living in Western Tidewater. We are working together to ensure that early education teachers and care providers are equipped with curriculum and skills to build that strong learning foundation. To date the Foundation has invested over $2 Million in programs that provide high quality curriculum and coaching, so all local early learners have access to high quality education.

To learn more about the Foundation’s Early Childhood Education Initiative and partnerships, please contact Kelvin Turner II, Program Officer, at (757) 539–8810.

To view recordings of the Foundation’s launch of the Early Childhood Education Initiative, please click here.

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