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(Suffolk, VA) October 28, 2020 – Obici Healthcare Foundation has announced over $500,000 in additional COVID-19 Response funding to support local nonprofits, public school districts and cities and counties. The Foundation also awarded more than $460,000 to continue supporting Early Childhood Education partners and two Healthy Behaviors projects. 

Compounding impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) unfolded in March 2020. Although local nonprofits faced complex challenges, they strategically sprang into action to meet swelling community needs. In the last week of March 2020, Obici Healthcare Foundation expedited over $45,000 of Community Engagement grant funds to nonprofit organizations providing direct medical care, emergency shelter, food security, mental health services, and socio-emotional support for children and families. 

By May, the Foundation dispersed an additional $34,000 to more nonprofits providing critical services. The nonprofit community’s deployment of creative solutions highlighted an opportunity for the Foundation to further its support of nonprofit resiliency and recovery during the global health crisis.

In June, the Obici Healthcare Foundation made available $750,000 to support nonprofits, schools, counties and cities by way of funding for personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitation supplies, virtual platform access, temporary staff, small business relief, utility assistance, and other COVID-19 related needs. The Foundation granted more than $1.2 million in September 2020. 

“The evolving nature of our nonprofit community’s ability to adapt during the crisis and conquer difficulties is beyond impressive,” shared Annette Beuchler, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Obici Healthcare Foundation.  “Our Board wanted to lean in and capitalize on the momentum of organizations, and therefore approved additional funding for a second cycle of grants to advance mission-aligned efforts of nonprofits,” Annette Beuchler added.

The following organizations have been awarded grant funding:

Cities and Counties

  • City of Franklin — $35,000 to assist citizens with the payment of household utilities such as gas and electric bills whose household incomes has been adversely impacted 
  • Isle of Wight County Economic Development — $135,000 for businesses to recover from losses experienced and help them to move forward 
  • Isle of Wight County Department of Social Services — $10,000 to assist citizens with the payment of household utilities such as gas and electric bills whose household incomes has been adversely impacted
  • Surry County Department of Social Services — $10,000 to assist citizens with the payment of household utilities such as gas and electric bills whose household incomes has been adversely impacted
  • Sussex County — $6,275.40 for cleaning supplies and PPE for first responders


  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Virginia — $14,235 to support temporary staff, PPE, program supplies and virtual learning for additional youth program sites in Franklin City  
  • City of Franklin Parks & Recreation — $10,350 to provide program supplies, cleaning, and sanitizing supplies 
  • City of Suffolk Public Libraries — $31,250 for exterior lockers at Morgan Memorial Library and Chuckatuck Library to offer contactless pick-up of library materials 
  • Cover 3 Foundation — $25,000 to support temporary staff to continue feeding children in Western Tidewater 
  • ForKids, Inc.— $15,000 to support resources for kids to be successful in school
  • Girls On The Run Of South Hampton Roads — $7,200 for PPE, medical safety supplies, and virtual program supplies for program participants 
  • Luter Family YMCA — $8,200 for PPE, cleaning supplies, and program supplies for e-learning youth programs 
  • Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia — $15,000 for cleaning supplies, PPE, and materials for transportation vans traveling within Western Tidewater 
  • STOP Inc. — $35,000 for PPE, medical supplies, and expansion of rapid testing capacity for promising communities 
  • Suffolk Center for Cultural Art — $19,647 to support provide virtual learning support and art enrichment for youth otherwise not served
  • Suffolk Humane Society — $2,500 for cleaning supplies, PPE, and sanitizing supplies for staff and volunteer support team
  • Surry County Department of Social Services — $2,000 to provide staff with PPE and access to hot spots 
  • The Planning Council — $19,443 for temporary staff coordinating night-stay program and services for community members experiencing homelessness
  • Virginia Legal Aid Society, Inc. — $50,000 to support temporary paralegal staff addressing evictions  
  • Walk In It Inc.— $8,000 for PPE, program supplies, and virtual program support for participants in City of Franklin, Southampton County, and Suffolk City
  • Western Tidewater Community Services Board — $25,000 to provide mental health support programs and services to people without medical coverage

Public Schools

  • Franklin City Public Schools — $16,000 for PPE, cleaning materials, and protective equipment for classrooms and office spaces  

The Foundation is committed to meaningfully listening to and learning from the nonprofit community.  

“It is critically important the Foundation continues strengthening and building new relationships with trusted organizations that intentionally serve our community, even amid uncharted times,” said Annette Beuchler. 

In addition, the Foundation awarded several strategic grants:   

Early Education Strategic Partner Grants

  • Franklin City Public Schools, Isle of Wight County South Hampton County Public Schools, Surry County Public Schools and The Children’s Center received more than $115,000 in grant funding to support the ongoing development of the Streamin3 curriculum across 44 Early Childhood Education classrooms in Western Tidewater. 

Healthy Behaviors Project Grants

  • Franklin City Public Schools — $50,000 to a “Healthy Spaces” project for the development of Outdoor Classroom at all three public schools  
  • Surry County — $300,000 (multi-year, three-year funding) Implementation grant to support development of “Surry” Marketplace to address food access and insecurity.

About the Obici Healthcare Foundation: The Obici Healthcare Foundation is a private foundation established in 2006 from the sale of Louise Obici Memorial Hospital to Sentara Healthcare. Since its inception the Foundation has awarded over $60 million in grant funding.

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