Improving Maternal & Child Health

Access to Healthcare

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. Here’s how we help.

Addressing potential health issues in pregnancy or early infancy can prevent death and disability and allow children to reach their full potential in life.

The goal of the Maternal and Child Health initiative is to improve outcomes for moms, infants and families in the first year of life.

Home Visiting Program Support

All families need support systems to ensure health, stability and security. Many families have supports in place, including friends, family and other community supports. However, a large number of families, especially pregnant women and those with infants, do not have necessary supports and can benefit from resources delivered through evidence-based home visiting models. Home visiting provides information, risk assessment, health programming and parenting support interventions as well as important connections to other social services. Voluntary home visiting programs have shown significant returns on investment for infants and families.

If you have interest in learning more about the Foundation’s efforts to support Home Visiting Programs, please contact Jessica Mullen, Program Officer, at gro.fchicibo@nellumj or via telephone at (757) 539–8810.

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