Community Engagement Grants

Community Engagement Grants are one-time*, discretionary grants available to support nonprofit programs and projects that improve the health status of the people living within the Foundation’s service area. Requests must proactively address community health needs, encourage physical activity and wellness, increase health awareness and knowledge, or provide public access to critical health resources. The Foundation prioritizes requests that are collaborative and community driven. Nonprofits are encouraged to submit requests that strategically utilize innovative approaches to sustainably improve the community’s long-term health. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis starting April 2023 and reviewed until funds are exhausted. Contingent on the availability of funds, Community Engagement Grant awards typically range between $500 and $5000.  Applications require 30 days for processing.

*If funded, a maximum of one grant can be awarded to an eligible applicant between April 2023 to March 31st, 2024, or until funds are exhausted.

Pre-Submission Process

The Foundation strongly encourages interested nonprofit organizations to schedule a meeting to discuss their organization’s request prior to submitting an application. Click below to schedule a meeting with Jessica Mullen (Program Officer). 

Application Details

The Community Engagement Grant Application includes fill-in and brief program/project-related questions. Applicants MUST submit a copy of their nonprofit organization’s IRS determination letter. Click below to review the Sample Application and additional eligibility requirements.

Online Application Portal

Applicants MUST Submit Their Organization’s Request Using The Foundation’s Online Portal. Please Select The Appropriate Button Below to Access The Online Portal.

Applicants with an active Organization & User Account:

Applicants without an active Organization & User Account:

For Additional Assistance

New applicants with an active Organization Account must contact the Foundation for further assistance. Email gro.fchicibo@swerCL for assistance or with any questions.