The mission of the Obici Healthcare Foundation is to improve the health status of the people living in the service area by responding to the medical needs of the indigent and uninsured and by supporting programs which have the primary purpose of preventing illness and disease.

This is in keeping with Amedeo Obici’s concern for local citizens, which was best illustrated by his decision to build a hospital as a lasting memorial to his wife, Louise, after her death in 1938.


The vision of the Obici Healthcare Foundation is good health and wellness for all.


The Obici Healthcare Foundation adheres to the highest standards by embracing the following set of values:

  • Service – We will act with compassion, sensitivity and creativity to make a significant improvement in the health status of our community.
  • Integrity – We will act with honesty and fairness, give our best efforts and take responsibility for our actions.
  • Community Involvement – We will act as a team with the community to promote good health and good healthcare for all.
  • Financial Stewardship – We will act responsibly to make the Foundation strong and support healthcare programs that are effective.

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