Our grantmaking seeks to improve the health status of the people living in Suffolk and surrounding communities by responding to the medical needs of the indigent and uninsured and by supporting programs which have the primary purpose of preventing illness and disease.

In May 2010 the Foundation announced four strategic priorities:

  • Improve Access to Basic Healthcare
  • Obesity Prevention
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Insure More People

The following are four types of funding the Foundation offers

Program Grants: Program grants provide support for specific activities of a non-profit organization that provide goods or services. These initiatives have explicit objectives, predetermined time frames and costs, and they support the mission of the recipient organization

Capital Grants: Capital grants are intended to facilitate an acquisition of equipment, building or land. Construction grants also can be awarded for building renovations. The minimum amount awarded for a capital request is $5,000.

Planning Grant: Planning grants provide support for the development of the work on an initial project. This may include the coordination of meetings and fees associated with planning of a project and a consultant may be used to provide expert advice. Maximum amount awarded by the Foundation $25,000.

Community Engagement Grants (Discretionary Grants): Community Engagement grants are those grant requests that should help to improve the health status of the community. They are awarded at $5,000 or less and are generally granted only once in a 12 month period.

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