Obici Healthcare Foundation Board members: Front (l to r): Lula Holland, Clarissa McAdoo Cannion, Lynne Rabil and Pat Edwards; Standing (l to r) Scott Carr,  Ralph Howell, Rob Barclay, Sam Glasscock, Emanuel Myrick, Bill Jackson, MD, Frank Spady and Thomas Woodward.


  • richard barryBoard Emeritus
    Richard Barry
  • george birdsongBoard Emeritus
    George Birdsong
  • Bobby ClaudBoard Emeritus
    Bobby Claud
  • jeff formanBoard Emeritus
    Jeff Forman, MD
  • sam glasscockBoard Emeritus
    Sam Glasscock
  • bob hayesBoard Emeritus
    Bob Hayes
  • lula hollandBoard Emeritus
    Lula Holland
  • Bill Jackson, MDBoard Emeritus
    Bill Jackson, MD
  • dr naismithBoard Emeritus
    Doug Naismith
  • henry simpsonBoard Emeritus
    Henry Simpson
  • joyce trumpBoard Emeritus
    Joyce Trump
  • bj willieBoard Emeritus
    BJ Willie

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